Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Under the sea, where wonders gleam, 

A world of magic, like in a dream, 

Coral castles and dolphins that play, 

In the depths of the ocean, a vibrant display.

Fish of every color, big and small, 

Swimming in harmony, having a ball, 

Seaweed dances in a watery ballet, 

Under the sea, where adventures sway.

Mermaids with tails of shimmering grace, 

Sing enchanting songs, a melodious embrace, 

Treasures hidden in the sandy floor, 

Under the sea, there's so much more.

Mysterious creatures with eyes aglow,

In the depths, they ebb and flow, 

Anemones swaying like delicate lace, 

Under the sea, a magical place.

Exploring the depths, oh, what a thrill, 

With every dive, a new world to fulfill, 

Under the sea, where mysteries reside, 

A wondrous realm, a timeless tide.

So dive down deep, with heart so free, 

Discover the beauty of the endless sea, 

Under the waves, a world to explore, 

Where imagination soars forevermore.

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