Fluttering Butterflies

Fluttering Butterflies

In meadows green and skies so blue, 

A fluttering dance, a magical view, 

Tiny creatures with wings so bright, 

Fluttering butterflies take their flight.

With colors like a rainbow's embrace, 

They bring joy and smiles to every place, 

Softly they land on petals so fine, 

Spreading their beauty, a gift divine.

Butterflies, oh, how you enchant, 

A whimsical ballet, a nature's chant, 

Graceful twirls in the golden sun, 

In their delicate wings, a tale's begun.

Fluttering butterflies, take us on a ride, 

Through gardens and meadows, side by side, 

With each gentle flap, a story unfolds, 

In your colorful world, young hearts behold.

So dance on, dear butterflies, up high, 

Painting the canvas of the endless sky, 

In your fluttering embrace, dreams take flight, 

A wondrous symphony of pure delight.

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