Bedtime Stories for a 7-Year-Old

Popular bedtime stories among 7 year old kids

Little Red Riding Hood in a forest

Brave the dark woods with Little Red Riding Hood as she encounters a cunning wolf in this timeless tale of caution.


Climb the tower alongside Rapunzel and discover her long, magical hair and the prince who longs to rescue her.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Solve the mystery of the princesses' secret dances in this enchanting story.

jack and beanstalk

Climb the towering beanstalk with Jack as he faces giants and discovers treasures in the clouds.

Dinosaur Camp Series

"Dinosaur Camp" is a thrilling and educational series that transports young viewers to a prehistoric world of adventure and learning. Join a group of enthusiastic campers as they unearth fossils, meet lifelike dinosaurs, and embark on unforgettable journeys to the time of the dinosaurs, blending fun with paleontology. 

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Step into the enchanting world of Wonderschool, where magic is not just a skill but a way of life. In this captivating series, young wizards-in-training embark on a magical journey filled with friendship, discovery, and the wonders of the extraordinary. 

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Snow White

Venture into the enchanting world of Snow White, where a poisoned apple and seven delightful dwarfs await.

Sleeping Beauty

Step into the world of dreams and awakenings with Sleeping Beauty, a classic tale of love and curses.

Alice in Wonderland

Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice and encounter peculiar characters and captivating adventures in Wonderland.

peter pen

Soar to Neverland with Peter, Wendy, and Tinker Bell as they embark on magical adventures with the Lost Boys.

wild swans

"The Wild Swans" is a captivating bedtime story that follows the adventures of Princess Eliza and her eleven brothers. 

The Gold-Children

"The Gold-Children" is a heartwarming tale of love and acceptance as a kind-hearted couple receives golden twins, facing societal challenges until they discover the true value of inner beauty and compassion. 

The Dog and the Sparrow

"The Dog and the Sparrow" tells the story of a loyal dog who befriends an injured sparrow and embarks on a journey of friendship and bravery as they navigate through challenges together. 

riddles for kids

Riddle: I'm a type of coat that needs no stitching or buttons. What am I? 

The Fisherman and His Wife

Witness the consequences of endless wishes in this captivating tale.

The Lion and the Mouse

Discover the power of kindness as a small mouse helps a mighty lion.

Purple Crayon

Unleash your imagination as Harold creates his adventures with a purple crayon.

The Runaway Bunny

Share in a mother's enduring love for her little bunny.

Fun with Emily

"Fun with Emily" is a heartwarming and comical children's series that follows the adventures of Emily, a spirited 9-year-old girl with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for finding herself in amusing predicaments. In each episode, Emily embarks on a new adventure, whether it's exploring an ancient cave, joining a talent show, or trying to build a homemade rocket. 

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Explore the wonders of an enchanted forest in this exciting adventure. 

Curious Charlie

Follow curious Charlie as he discovers a magical jungle hidden in his own backyard. 

Three Pawsome Pals

Join three lovable animal pals on their heartwarming adventures. 

2 Transformers

Witness the unbreakable bond between friendly transformers in this thrilling tale. 

Whispering trees

Discover the enchanting secrets hidden within the whispers of the night. 

Swashbuckling Adventure

Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with daring pirates. 

Ice Cream Shop

Enjoy sweet bedtime adventures at the local ice cream shop. 

Time-Traveling Adventure Club

Become a member of the time-traveling adventure club and journey through history. 

The Brave Knight and Treasure

Join a brave knight in his quest to find a dragon's hidden treasure. 

Lost Unicorn

Help a young adventurer search for a lost unicorn in this enchanting story. 

Cat Detective

Solve mysteries with a curious cat who doubles as a detective. 

Starlight Princess

Meet a starlight princess and learn about her magical adventures in the night sky. 

Wishing Star

Join a young adventurer on a quest to make a wish upon the brightest star in the night sky. 

little girl crying

Discover the valuable lessons learned by a curious child in this bedtime story. 

Fish in a Pool

Dive into an underwater adventure with a friendly fish that lives in the pool. 

Max the Detective

Solve mysteries alongside Max as he takes on the role of a clever detective. 

Power of Words

Learn about the magical world of words and their ability to create adventures. 

Cat and Mouse

Join a playful cat and mouse in their nighttime escapades. 

Tooth Fairy dancing

Uncover the secret world of the Tooth Fairy in this charming tale. 

Lost Dragon

Embark on a journey to find a lost dragon and bring it back home. 

Magic of Reading Bedtime Stories to a 7-year-old

siblings reading

Bedtime stories for a 7-year-old are a delightful blend of adventure and imagination. At this age, children are eager to explore more complex narratives and dive into chapter books that open up a world of possibilities. These stories transport young readers to far-off lands, introduce them to captivating characters, and instill important life lessons. For parents and caregivers, sharing bedtime stories with a 7-year-old is a treasured ritual, fostering a deeper connection and a love for reading that will last a lifetime. As you cuddle up together with a book, you're not just reading words on a page; you're embarking on a journey of discovery and creating lasting memories.

The beauty of bedtime stories at this age is that they not only entertain but also encourage critical thinking and empathy. They help children understand the complexities of the world around them while providing a safe space to ask questions and explore their own thoughts and feelings. So, whether it's a classic tale, a fantastical adventure, or a heartwarming story of friendship, bedtime stories for 7-year-olds are a cherished part of childhood that nourishes both the mind and the soul.