Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Bee

In fields of flowers, where sunbeams gleam, 

A buzzy little bee, a golden dream, 

With wings that hum, a cheerful sound, 

Buzzy bee dances all around.

Among the petals, bright and sweet, 

Buzzy bee gathers nectar to eat, 

Buzzing from bloom to bloom with glee, 

Nature's tiny worker, so busy and free.

With stripes of black and yellow so bright, 

Buzzy bee takes its daring flight, 

A pollinator, on a mission so grand, 

Spreading life across the land.

From rose to daisy, and every bloom, 

Buzzy bee helps the gardens groom, 

A gentle touch on petals fair, 

Bringing life to the scented air.

Buzzy bee, you're nature's friend, 

A tireless worker until the end, 

In gardens and meadows, you bring delight, 

A symbol of nature's harmonious flight.

So buzz away, oh, buzzy bee, 

In your dance of life so carefree, 

A tiny hero in the grand design, 

Buzzy bee, forever divine.

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