Cuddly Teddy Bear

Cuddly Teddy Bear

In a world of dreams, so soft and sweet, 

A cuddly teddy bear takes a seat, 

With fur so fluffy, and a heart so kind, 

A loyal friend, forever intertwined.

A teddy bear with button eyes, 

Listens to secrets and heartfelt sighs, 

In its warm embrace, troubles melt away, 

Cuddling close, come what may.

Through sunny days and starry nights, 

Cuddly teddy shares in all delights,

Imagination's companion, a magical key, 

Together, there's nowhere we can't be.

In tea parties and adventures bold, 

A cuddly teddy's hand to hold, 

With stitched-on smiles and arms open wide, 

In its cozy hug, we find a place to hide.

So snuggle up close, let worries flee, 

With a cuddly teddy, just you and me, 

Through every joy and every care, 

A true friend, always there to share.

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