Giggles and Laughter

Giggles and Laughter

In a world of joy and fun so bright, 

Giggles and laughter take their flight. 

With hearts so light and spirits free, 

Laughter dances like waves in the sea.

Giggles bubble up from deep within, 

Like a magical melody, they begin. 

Tickling our hearts, making us grin, 

Laughter's the best medicine, my little friend.

It's a contagious sound that spreads like fire, 

Filling the air with happiness entire. 

From friends to family, young and old, 

Giggles and laughter, a treasure to behold.

So let your laughter be your guide, 

In every moment, let it reside.

For in these giggles, so pure and true, 

You'll find the joy that carries you through.

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