The Little Mermaid Poem

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Beneath the waves where corals gleam,

Lived Ariel, with a heart of dream.

A little mermaid, with fins so bright,

Her eyes sparkled in the ocean's light.

In a kingdom below, where seaweed sways,

A world of wonders, a mermaid's maze.

A curious heart, a yearning soul,

Ariel's dreams, an enchanting goal.

A world above, with sunlit skies,

Ariel longed for, with hopeful eyes.

Legs to dance on the golden sand,

To walk, to run, to touch the land.

Ursula, the sea witch, with plans untold,

A deal in the dark, a story to unfold.

Ariel's voice, her laughter sweet,

For legs to stand, for love to meet.

A daring plunge, a spell cast true,

Legs appeared, a world brand new.

On human shores, where waves embrace,

Ariel danced, in a joyful chase.

Prince Eric, on the sandy shore,

Ariel's heart, forevermore.

But time ticked on, and shadows cast,

A choice to make, a love to last.

In Ursula's grasp, a tempest roars,

Ariel fought, on distant shores.

True love prevailed, as sunsets glowed,

Ariel's voice, forever bestowed.

Back in the ocean, where dreams entwine,

Ariel's heart, a love divine.

In a world below, where wonders gleam,

A mermaid's tale, a cherished dream.

So, dear child, as the moonlight beams,

Dream of oceans, where adventure teems.

Of Ariel's dance, in the moonlit bay,

In the world of dreams, where mermaids play.

Story of Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Dive beneath the waves with the Little Mermaid and her quest for love in a world above the sea.

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