The Lion King Poem

The Lion King

The Lion King

In Africa's land where the savannahs spread wide, 

Lived Simba the lion, with his friends by his side. 

The Lion King, noble and strong was he, 

In the Circle of Life, a king he'd be.

With a roar so mighty, he'd rule the land, 

A king with a destiny, noble and grand. 

But when darkness fell upon Pride Rock's crest, 

Simba's life took a turn, a tough, solemn test.

For Scar, his cunning uncle, with a sinister grin, 

Plotted and schemed to let his darkness win. 

Simba was blamed, he ran far from his home, 

In the jungle he'd wander, far and alone.

But with the help of some friends, Timon and Pumbaa, 

Simba found new purpose, a hakuna matata. 

He grew up carefree, though his past would call, 

A king's destiny beckoned, and he must stand tall.

With Nala, his friend from the Pride Lands of old, 

And Rafiki's wisdom, so ancient and bold, 

Simba returned, faced his fears without dread, 

To reclaim his throne, where his father once led.

With a roar like thunder, he took his place high, 

In the Circle of Life, beneath the vast sky. 

The Lion King's lesson, simple and true, 

Be yourself, face your fears, and your destiny pursue.

Story of the Lion King

Lion King

Roar into the Pride Lands with Simba in a captivating story of courage, friendship, and the circle of life.

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