The Swan Princess Poem

The Swan Princess Poem

swan princess

In a land of water and lily's grace, 

Lived a princess with a gentle face. 

Odette, the Swan Princess, her name so sweet, 

A tale of love and a curse to defeat.

By day, a swan on the serene lake's crest, 

By night, a beauty, her heart at rest. 

A wicked sorcerer cast the spell so vile, 

For her true love's kiss, she'd wait a while.

Prince Siegfried, a noble and gallant knight, 

Came to the lake one moonlit night. 

He saw the swan with a look so sad, 

And love in his heart, he knew he had.

Their love grew strong, a bond so deep, 

But secrets and curses, they had to keep. 

At the ball, deceit in the masquerade, 

The sorcerer's plan was swiftly laid.

The prince, enchanted, a wrong vow he made, 

With another bride, he was to evade. 

But the Swan Princess, her love so true, 

Returned to the lake, her heart so blue.

The sorcerer's spell, it tried to hold, 

But love and courage, a power bold. 

Odette and Siegfried, in one heart's beat, 

They broke the curse, a love so sweet.

In a land of water, where swans now play, 

Their love endures, it will never fade away. 

The Swan Princess, her tale we'll sing, 

Of love's triumph and a heart taking wing.

Story of The Swan Princes

The Swan Princess bedtime story

Be enchanted by the story of a beautiful princess under a magical spell.

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