Rapunzel Poem


Rapunzel Poem

In a tower high, where the breezes sigh,

Lived Rapunzel, beneath the sky.

Golden hair, like sunshine spun,

A tale of magic, forever begun.

Locked away in a tower tall,

By a wicked witch, who cast a thrall.

No stairs to climb, no door to swing,

Yet Rapunzel dreamed, she'd dance and sing.

Her hair, a ladder to the world outside,

Where dreams and adventures coincide.

Each day, she'd gaze through the tower's bower,

Longing for fields and a fragrant flower.

A prince appeared, in the woods so green,

A chance encounter, yet unseen.

He heard her song, he felt her pain,

Rapunzel's heart, like a gentle rain.

With hair let down, a silken thread,

The prince climbed up, where starlight spread.

A rescue true, a love untold,

In Rapunzel's tower, a tale to unfold.

The wicked witch, in anger and spite,

Cut the hair, a daring flight.

But love prevailed, as the prince held tight,

In the moonlit night, their spirits ignite.

Now free below the starry gleam,

Rapunzel's hair, a distant dream.

A journey's end, a love so grand,

In the tower's shadow, on solid land.

So, dear child, as the night unfolds,

Dream of towers, where adventure molds.

Of golden hair and love's sweet theme,

In the world of dreams, where you're the queen.

The Story of Rapunzel


Climb the tower alongside Rapunzel and discover her long, magical hair and the prince who longs to rescue her.

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