Beauty and the Beast Poem

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Poem

In a castle hidden, where roses bloom,

Lived a Beast, a tale of gloom.

A curse, so cruel, took its hold,

A prince transformed, his story unfolds.

A Beauty fair, with a heart so kind,

In the village, where dreams entwined.

Her name was Belle, a book in hand,

Her love for stories, a love so grand.

Through swirling snow and enchantment's mist,

To the Beast's castle, where shadows persist.

A sacrifice made, a father's plea,

Belle's journey unfolds, a destiny.

A library vast, a dance so sweet,

In the Beast's eyes, a love discreet.

From fear to friendship, a bond did start,

A tale of redemption, a change of heart.

In petals falling, time ticking near,

A curse to break, love crystal clear.

Belle's affection, the key to release,

A spellbound heart, a gentle peace.

A dance in moonlight, a love profound,

Breaks the curse, enchantments unbound.

A prince revealed, no more a Beast,

In Beauty's love, the realm released.

So, dear child, in the night's soft song,

Dream of castles where tales belong.

Of Beauty and Beast, a tale so sweet,

A story of love, where two hearts meet.

The Story of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Be our guest in the captivating story of Beauty and the Beast, where inner beauty triumphs over appearances.

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