Gentle Ocean Waves

Gentle Ocean Waves

Beneath the sun's golden gaze, 

Where the horizon meets the ocean's embrace, 

Gentle waves dance in a soothing song, 

A lullaby of the sea that's never wrong.

Ocean waves, like a gentle hug, 

Caressing the shore, so snug. 

Whispering secrets in their playful sound, 

A symphony of peace, all around.

With every rise and fall they share, 

A tale of the depths, beyond compare. 

They carry stories of lands far away, 

And bring treasures from the depths to display.

Seagulls soar in the salty breeze, 

As waves gently kiss the sandy keys. 

Shells and treasures upon the shore, 

A world of wonder, forevermore.

Gentle ocean waves, a calming sight, 

Underneath the stars' twinkling light. 

They teach us to be steady and brave, 

In the embrace of the vast sea's wave.

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