Whiskers and Paws

Whiskers and Paws

In a land of furry friends, so true, 

With whiskers and paws, a joyful crew. 

Cats and dogs, big and small, 

Together they play, having a ball.

Whiskers twitch and tails wag, 

In this world, there's no need to brag. 

Purring softly, a cat's delight, 

Guiding us through the day and night.

Tiny paws on the run, 

Chasing their tails just for fun. 

Loyal companions, by our side, 

In their presence, we find our stride.

Whiskers and paws, a magical sight, 

Bringing warmth and joy, day and night. 

Furry friends, forever our guide, 

With them, life's journey is a joyful ride.

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