Flying Kites

Flying Kites

Up in the sky, so high and free, 

Colorful kites dancing with glee. 

On a sunny day, they take flight, 

Painting the sky with hues so bright.

Strings held tight, in little hands, 

Kites soaring over vast lands. 

They flutter and twirl, a joyful sight, 

Riding the wind with pure delight.

Red, blue, green, and gold, 

Kites of stories yet to be told. 

They chase the clouds and reach for the sun, 

A magical race that's never done.

In the park or on the beach's shore, 

Kites go where the wind may soar. 

A game of skill and a playful race, 

Chasing the wind's elusive embrace.

With laughter and joy, they fill the air, 

Kites dancing without a care. 

Flying high in the open skies, 

A world of wonder in a child's eyes.

So let your kite take flight and play, 

In the open sky, on a sunny day. 

Feel the wind's embrace, oh so right, 

As your kite soars, like a bird in flight.

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