Snow White Poem

Snow White

snow white Poem

Once upon a time, in a land so bright, 

Lived a princess, Snow White, with skin so white. 

Her heart was full of love and cheer, 

In a story that's lovely, let's all come near.

An evil queen, so mean and bad, 

Sent Snow White away, oh how sad! 

But she found a home, with friends so small, 

Seven dwarfs, they saved her all.

An evil queen, a jealous soul, 

In the mirror's gaze, she lost control, 

A poisoned apple, a wicked goal, 

To end young Snow White, her heart and soul. 

With a magic kiss, she awoke from sleep, 

A prince arrived, his promise to keep, 

Snow White's tale, in our hearts, we'll keep, 

In a world of dreams, forever deep.

A princess so kind, a heart so pure, 

Her story is a treasure, of that we're sure. 

In a fairytale land, her love will endure, 

With a happy ending, her dreams are secure.

Story of Snow White

bedtime story snow white

Venture into the enchanting world of Snow White, where a poisoned apple and seven delightful dwarfs await.

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