Friendly Monster

Friendly Monster

In a world of magic, under the bed, 

Lives a friendly monster, not one to dread. 

With big, round eyes and a goofy grin, 

He's the friendliest monster that's ever been.

His fur is wild and wonderfully bright, 

Colors that glow in the soft moonlight. 

His laughter echoes through the night, 

Chasing away any hint of fright.

He loves to play hide-and-seek in the dark, 

Leaving behind a trail of giggles and spark. 

Under the bed or behind the door, 

His playful spirit forever will soar.

He's not scary or mean, not in the least, 

He's a friendly monster, a true gentle beast. 

He loves to listen to bedtime tales, 

And tell you stories of magical trails.

So don't be afraid of this monster, you see, 

He's the friendliest creature, as friendly can be. 

With a heart full of kindness and joy to share, 

The friendly monster is here, always there.

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