Tickle of the Breeze

Tickle of the Breeze

On a sunny day with skies so blue, 

A tickle of the breeze comes to play with you. 

It dances through the trees so high, 

Tickling leaves as they reach for the sky.

The breeze whispers secrets in your ear, 

Stories of far-off places, crystal clear. 

It ruffles your hair with a gentle touch, 

A playful breeze that means so much.

It makes the flowers nod and sway, 

Bringing a smile to the brightest day. 

The tickle of the breeze, so light and free, 

Fills the world with giggles and glee.

So close your eyes, feel the gentle tease, 

Nature's laughter in the tickle of the breeze. 

It's a friend that comes and goes with ease, 

Spreading joy and nature's tender squeeze.

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