Silly Monster Mash

Silly Monster Mash

In a land of giggles, so wild and free, 

Silly monsters gather, you and me. 

They've got big eyes, and horns that clash, 

It's time for a hilarious monster mash!

With goofy grins and wiggly toes, 

They stomp and dance, wherever they go. 

Silly monsters with colorful flair, 

Twisting and twirling, without a care.

One has three heads, another has four, 

They laugh and dance, oh what a roar! 

They do the monster boogie with a splash, 

It's a party of giggles, the ultimate mash!

So join the fun, my little friend, 

Let the silly monster party never end. 

Dance with the monsters, laugh and play, 

In this silly monster world, you'll sway.

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