The Ugly Duckling Poem

The Ugly Duckling Poem

Ugly Duckling

In a meadow green, by the water's side, 

Lived a little duckling, full of gentle pride. 

But different was he, from his siblings dear, 

His feathers were gray, he was far from clear.

He gazed at the swans, so graceful and white, 

Dreaming of feathers, so pure and bright. 

"Why am I ugly?" he often would cry, 

As the world passed him by, under the open sky.

Through the seasons, he grew and changed, 

In the world, so vast and often estranged. 

His gray turned to white, his wings unfurled, 

A swan he'd become, in this big, wide world.

He saw his reflection, so elegant and tall, 

Realized at last, he was beautiful after all. 

With a heart full of joy, he danced and he twirled, 

For the once ugly duckling had become a swan in the world.

So, dear child, remember this tale so true, 

In the story of the duckling, there's a lesson for you. 

Beauty's not just feathers, nor the way we appear, 

It's the kindness within that makes us most dear.

Story of Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling Bedtime Stories

Embrace the transformative journey of the Ugly Duckling as it discovers its true beauty.

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