Cinderella Poem


In a world where dreams take flight, 

In the gentle glow of the night, 

There lived a girl, so kind and fair, 

A heart of gold, beyond compare.

Cinderella was her name, you see, 

A spirit pure, full of empathy. 

Amidst the ashes, she found her grace, 

In that humble, quiet, hidden place.

Her stepmother, cold as ice, 

With stepsisters, far from nice, 

Made her toil from dawn till dusk, 

In her spirit, they planted noxious husk.

But through it all, her spirit soared, 

With kindness, she was richly stored. 

For in her heart, a dream took hold, 

A tale of magic, yet to be told.

A royal ball, a chance to shine, 

In a gown so radiant, so divine. 

With the help of friends, so small, 

A pumpkin turned into a splendid hall.

And there she danced, in moonlight's gleam, 

A vision fair, like in a dream. 

With every step, her heart took flight, 

As the prince was captivated by her light.

But, alas, the clock struck the hour, 

The spell would fade, like a fragile flower. 

In haste, she fled, the palace grand, 

Leaving behind a glass slipper in the sand.

The prince, determined, sought his love, 

With the slipper as a sign from above. 

To every house, he took the shoe, 

Seeking the one his heart just knew.

And when at last, Cinderella stood, 

In rags no more, her spirit soared. 

Her kindness, courage, and grace revealed, 

In the arms of love, her fate was sealed.

So, remember well, this tale so old, 

Of a girl with a heart of gold. 

In Cinderella's story, we find our song, 

That kindness and love can right the wrong.

Cinderella Story

bedtime story

Join Cinderella on a magical journey from rags to riches as she dances her way into our hearts with the help of her fairy godmother.

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