Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

In Verona town, where streets do wind,

Lived Romeo, brave, with heart so kind.

With him, his friend, fair Juliet,

Adventures sought, no fear, no fret.

Their families feuded, both in strife,

Yet Romeo and Juliet, life's true delight.

Through secret paths and hidden glens,

They roamed as one, like feathered pens.

With every step, they proved anew,

That love and friendship, steadfast and true.

Their hearts ablaze, with dreams untold,

In Verona's tapestry, love's story unfolds.

But fate, it seemed, had other plans,

As feud's dark shadows, cast their spans.

Caught in the midst, of hate's cruel dance,

Romeo and Juliet, took a chance.

With courage bold, and spirits bright,

They faced the storm, with all their might.

For love they knew, could conquer all,

And break the chains of hate's dark thrall.

In Verona's streets, where love did bloom,

Romeo and Juliet banished the gloom.

With laughter's song, and friendship's cheer,

They showed the world, what love held dear.

So let this tale, forever told,

Of Romeo and Juliet, brave and bold.

For in their hearts, the truth did lie,

That love and friendship never die.

The End!