The Mighty Trees 

The Mighty Trees 

In forests tall, they stand so high, 

Reaching for the endless sky. 

The mighty trees, a wondrous sight, 

Guardians of nature's purest light.

Their leaves, like whispers in the breeze, 

Sing songs of life through branches' ease. 

With roots that grip the earth so tight, 

They stand against the darkest night.

In spring, they don their vibrant green, 

A colorful, vibrant, living scene. 

In summer's warmth, they provide shade, 

A shelter where creatures rest and trade.

When autumn's touch paints leaves with gold, 

A sight that never grows old. 

And in the winter's frost and chill, 

They stand strong, serene, and still.

Oh, trees, you give us air to breathe, 

A home for creatures, a web we weave. 

Your strength and grace, a gift so true, 

In forests, parks, and gardens, too.

Let's cherish trees, our leafy friends, 

Their beauty, purpose, never ends. 

For in their shade and rustling leaves, 

A world of wonder, nature conceives.

To the mighty trees! 🌳🍃🌲

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