Whispers of Goodnight Moon Poem

Whispers of Goodnight Moon

Beneath the quiet of the night,

A tale unfolds, bathed in soft moonlight.

A room aglow with a silvery tune,

It's time to hear the Goodnight Moon.

In a world where dreams take flight,

A little bunny bids the day goodnight.

Snuggled up in a cozy bed,

Whispers of bedtime gently spread.

The stars twinkle, the cow jumps high,

A quiet room under the vast sky.

A red balloon, oh, how it soars,

As the little bunny explores.

"Goodnight room, goodnight moon,"

Whispers carry a sleepy tune.

The air is filled with a lullaby,

As the bunny lets out a contented sigh.

Goodnight to kittens, mittens, and a quiet old lady,

The pages turn, dreams become shady.

A rhythmic tale, a sweet refrain,

As the bunny says goodnight once again.

In the quiet hush of the night,

The bunny dreams, takes a gentle flight.

A story of slumber, a celestial tune,

Captured in the whispers of the Goodnight Moon.

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Whispers of Goodnight Moon

Drift into dreamland with comforting rhymes in this perfect bedtime story.

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