The Three Little Pigs Poem

The Three Little Pigs

3 little pigs building house

In a land not so far, not too near, 

Lived three little pigs, with hearts sincere. 

They set off to build houses anew, 

But danger was lurking, they had no clue.

The first little pig, in a hurry and haste, 

Built a house of straw, with little space. 

The wolf came along with a huff and a puff, 

And down went the straw, not strong enough.

The second little pig, a bit more aware, 

Built a house of sticks, but it was still bare. 

The wolf returned with his breath so tough, 

And the stick house fell with a huff and a puff.

The third little pig, wise and true, 

Built a house of bricks, sturdy and new. 

The wolf huffed and puffed, he gave it a try, 

But the brick house stood tall, reaching the sky.

With courage and wit, they faced their fears, 

The three little pigs, in joyful tears. 

United they stood, against the odds, 

In their safe brick house, blessed by the gods.

Now this tale we share, a lesson so clear, 

To face challenges with hearts sincere. 

Build your dreams with care and trust, 

And in the end, they will withstand all gusts

Three Little Pigs Story

Three Little Pigs

Journey through houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks in this charming story of resilience against a huffing and puffing wolf.

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