Little Red Riding Hood Poem

Little Red Riding Hood 

Little Red Riding Hood in a forest

In a village nestled among the trees so tall, 

Lived a girl named Red Riding Hood, loved by all. 

With a basket in hand, she'd often roam, 

To visit her grandma, her second home.

One sunny day, her mother did say, 

"Take these goodies to grandma, don't delay. 

But through the woods, the path you'll keep, 

Beware of the wolf, don't fall asleep."

Little Red set forth, so full of cheer, 

Not knowing danger was lurking near. 

Into the woods, she skipped along, 

Singing a happy, carefree song.

Deeper into the forest, the path did wind, 

And there the sly wolf he did find. 

He asked her where her grandma did dwell, 

And Red Riding Hood, unsuspecting, did tell.

The wolf, with a grin, raced ahead, 

To grandma's house, where fear would spread. 

He swallowed her whole, what a terrible fate, 

Then took her place, lying in wait.

Little Red Riding Hood soon arrived, 

Knocking on the door, so sweet and naive. 

"Come in, dear," the wolf said with glee, 

His plan unfolding, a wicked decree.

But as he approached, with wicked intent, 

He found his surprise was not what he'd meant. 

For a woodsman strong, so brave and true, 

Had heard of the wolf's treacherous coup.

With axe in hand, he entered the room, 

Rescuing grandma from her terrible doom. 

The wolf met his end, a lesson to share, 

That in the face of danger, others will care.

So remember, dear children, as you've been told, 

Be cautious, be wise, and brave and bold. 

For in life's great woods, as you each roam, 

You'll find your way safely back home.

Story of Little Red Riding Hood 

Little Red Riding Hood in a forest

Brave the dark woods with Little Red Riding Hood as she encounters a cunning wolf in this timeless tale of caution.

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