Snowflake Ballet

Snowflake Ballet

In a land of ice and pure delight, 

Snowflakes dance in the soft moonlight. 

Tiny dancers in glistening gowns, 

They twirl and glide without making sounds.

Snowflake ballet, a magical show, 

On a stage of snow, they gracefully flow. 

Each flake a dancer, unique and bright, 

Painting the winter skies with their light.

With delicate steps, they float and sway, 

Creating a ballet in the night's display. 

Their twirls are whispers, their spins so sweet, 

A snowflake ballet, a wondrous feat.

They pirouette down from the sky so high, 

Performing their dance as the world sleeps by. 

In moonlit gardens of frost and cold, 

Snowflake ballet stories are silently told.

Oh, the snowflakes dance in their elegant way, 

In a winter ballet, a dream come to play. 

A dance of enchantment, a dance of grace, 

Snowflake ballet takes its place.

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