Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

In the world of play and fun, so fine, 

Muddy puddles wait, an adventure in line. 

With rubber boots and a curious heart, 

Let's splash and jump, it's time to start!

Muddy puddles, oh, how they call, 

A squishy, squelchy, muddy ball. 

We'll stomp and splash, with glee in our eyes, 

As muddy splatters reach for the skies.

Tiny droplets dance, creating a spray, 

In the muddy puddles where we play. 

With each little jump, a story is told, 

Of adventures in mud, both young and bold.

Muddy feet, muddy hands, and muddy knees, 

We embrace the mess, oh, how it frees! 

For in these puddles, we find our delight, 

A world of muddy wonders, day or night.

So let's dive in, without a care, 

Muddy puddles, a world so rare. 

With laughter and joy, let's make a splash, 

In these muddy puddles, let's create a bash!

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