Charlotte's Web Poem

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

In Zuckerman's barn, so vast and wide, 

Lived a spider named Charlotte, full of pride. 

With her web so delicate, words she'd craft, 

To save a friend's life, her kindness laughed.

Wilbur the pig, so small and scared, 

In Charlotte's web, he found he cared. 

"Radiant," "terrific," words so bold, 

Spun in silk, a story to be told.

A friendship grew, strong and true, 

In the barn, 'neath skies so blue. 

With Fern, their friend, they stood as one, 

In the warmth of a setting sun.

Templeton the rat, with a grumble and frown, 

Joined the crew from his nook in the ground. 

Together they worked, to save Wilbur's life, 

In the face of hardship, through worry and strife.

Through the seasons, their tale unfurled, 

In Charlotte's web, a gift to the world. 

A story of love, so pure and rare, 

Of friendship, compassion, the bond they'd share.

So, remember the spider, the pig, and the rest, 

In Charlotte's Web, their love was the best. 

A lesson of kindness, for all to see, 

In a barn full of love, and a web set free.

The Story of Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

Join the heartwarming friendship between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider in this touching tale of loyalty and love.

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