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Riddles for Kids

riddles for 9 year old

Riddle 1:

In the night sky, a cosmic dance,

With craters and seas, a moonlit trance.

Riddle 2:

I'm a city of books, where tales reside,

Dusty covers and adventures inside.

Riddle 3:

I'm a symbol of power, a royal decree,

With a crown of branches, standing free.

Riddle 4:

In the ocean's depth, where mysteries unfold,

Tentacles swirling, a creature bold.

Riddle 5:

I'm a fortress of numbers, a mathematical song,

With operations and variables, I belong.

Riddle 6:

With a pointed hat and a magical spell,

In tales of Oz, where I dwell.

Riddle 7:

I'm a phenomenon, colors in the sky,

After the rain, a visual high.

Riddle 8:

I'm a realm of dreams, where thoughts take flight,

With pillows soft and stars so bright.

Riddle 9:

I'm a game of strategy, knights in play,

On a board where tactics sway.

Riddle 10:

I'm a planet with swirling storms,

Named after a god in ancient norms.

More Riddles for a 9-Year-Old

Enjoy these riddles and have fun puzzling them out with your 9-year-old! Remember, there's no one right answer, so encourage creative thinking and out-of-the-box ideas. 

Riddle1: I am always coming, but never arrive. I am always present, but never here. What am I?

Riddle2: I have one head, one foot, and four legs. What am I? 

Riddle3: I am lighter than a feather, but the strongest person cannot lift me for a minute. What am I? 

 Answer: A shadow.

Riddle4: I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I can bring laughter and tears. What am I? 

Riddle5: I am full of seeds, but I am not a fruit. I hop and jump, but I have no feet. What am I? 

Riddle6: I come once a year, but never stay the same. I bring presents, but have no name. What am I? 

Riddle7: I have rings, but no fingers; keys, but no doors; and space, but no floors. What am I?

Riddle8: I speak in colors, but have no voice. I tell stories, but have no words. I can make you laugh or cry, without making a sound. What am I? 

Riddle9: I am always coming, but never arrive. I am always present, but never here. I am always working, but never get tired. What am I? 

Riddle10: I am always running, but never moving. I have a mouth, but never speak. I quench thirst, but never drink. What am I? 

Riddle11: I have an eye, but cannot see. I have a tongue, but cannot speak. I tell the truth, but have no feelings. What am I? 

Riddle12: I can be hot or cold, sweet or sour, but I have no taste of my own. I tell stories with every bite, but I have no words. What am I? 

Riddle13: I can be broken, but cannot be fixed. I can be lost, but cannot be found. I can be stolen, but cannot be taken. What am I?

 Answer: Trust.

Riddle14: I have a neck, but no head; a body, but no legs; and arms, but no hands. What am I? 

Riddle15: I am full of holes, but hold water. I can be squeezed, but never cry. I am always thirsty, but never drink. What am I?

Riddle16: I am born round, but live sharp. I can write messages, but have no mouth. I can draw pictures, but have no hands. What am I? 

Riddle17: I have teeth, but cannot eat. I have a spine, but cannot stand. What am I? 

Riddle18: I dance in the wind, but have no feet. I sing in the trees, but have no lips. I tell secrets, but have no ear. What am I?  

Riddle19: I am born small, but grow large. I float in the sky, but cannot fly. What am I? 

Riddle20: I am always coming, but never arrive. I have a voice, but no mouth. I tell stories, but write no words. What am I? (An echo)

Riddle6: I have cities but no houses. I have mountains but no trees. I have water but no fish. What am I?

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