Monday School Day

Monday School Day 


On Monday morning, bright and early, 

We wake up, feeling oh so surly. 

The weekend fun has come to an end, 

But school and learning, it's time to attend.

With backpacks filled and shoes all tied, 

We're off to school with friends by our side. 

In the classroom, we take our seat, 

Ready to learn and challenges meet.

Math and science, reading and art, 

Every subject is a work of heart. 

Teachers guide us, so we can grow, 

With knowledge, our minds will surely flow.

Recess time is a moment of cheer, 

Playing games with friends we hold dear. 

Lunchtime treats and laughter, too, 

Monday school days, we're thankful for you!

As the day ends and the bell does chime, 

We've learned new things, it's been quite a time. 

Monday school day, you're not so bad, 

With knowledge gained, we're truly glad!

So here's to Monday, a fresh new start, 

With open minds and a happy heart. 

School days, we'll embrace you with glee, 

Learning and growing, it's the place to be!

Happy Monday School Day, little learners! 📚🎒🌟

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