Bubble Magic

Bubble Magic

In a world of magic, so light and fun, 

Where bubbles rise and catch the sun, 

They shimmer, they float, oh what a sight, 

Bubble magic brings pure delight.

With a wand in hand and a joyful heart, 

Blow and watch the bubbles start, 

They dance on air, like fairies in flight, 

Filling the day with colors so bright.

Pop one, two, and then a few, 

Giggles and laughter, just me and you, 

Bubble magic is a wondrous game, 

A world of joy, it's never the same.

So let's chase bubbles, up and down, 

In the sky and all around, 

In this world of wonder, so full of glee, 

Bubble magic brings endless glee!

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