The Velveteen Rabbit Poem

The Velveteen Rabbit Poem

In a land where dreams and toys come alive,

A tale unfolds, a story to revive.

A Velveteen Rabbit, soft and shy,

With button eyes, and ears to the sky.

Once in a nursery, so warm and bright,

The Rabbit waited, day and night.

Loved by a boy with laughter and play,

Together they faced each joyful day.

Yet deeper than play and moments shared,

Lies a magic secret, tenderly bared.

For love, dear child, has a wondrous art,

To make the simplest toy a beating heart.

The Rabbit wondered in soft moonlight,

"What makes me real? Is it love's sweet light?"

A Fairy, unseen, with wings so bright,

Whispered, "It happens when you're held tight."

Through play and cuddles, seasons went by,

The Rabbit, well-loved, but time does fly.

Torn and tattered, with love so true,

He wondered if he'd become brand new.

In the garden, where flowers bloom,

The Rabbit found the answer to his gloom.

A tear, a smile, and a timeless grace,

Turned Velveteen into a cherished embrace.

For in the arms of love so dear,

The Rabbit's secret became crystal clear.

A dance of joy, a leap so high,

He became Real, touched by love from the sky.

So here's the tale of a Rabbit's quest,

To become Real, and truly blessed.

A story to warm your heart and mine,

The Velveteen Rabbit, forever in rhyme.

Story of Velveteen Rabbit

Velveteen Rabbit

Experience the tender journey of a stuffed rabbit who becomes real through the power of love.

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