Sleeping Beauty Poem

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

In a castle fair, where dreams take flight,

Lived a princess, bathed in soft moonlight.

Sleeping Beauty, with hair like gold,

A tale of enchantment, forever to be told.

In a land of magic, a curse was cast,

A hundred-year slumber, so long, so vast.

A spindle's prick, a fateful night,

Sent the princess into dreams so light.

Her eyes closed tight, a peaceful rest,

In a castle hidden, by trees, blessed.

Time stood still, as dreams took flight,

A kingdom hushed, in the silent night.

But hope was woven in fate's grand scheme,

A prince would come, like in a dream.

Through thorns and thistles, he bravely pressed,

To wake the princess from her slumber's nest.

A single kiss, so pure, so true,

Broke the spell that once she knew.

Eyes fluttered open, to the morning dew,

Sleeping Beauty's awakening, a tale anew.

Dancing in gardens, with joy untold,

A tale of love, of beauty to unfold.

A kingdom rejoiced, in laughter and cheer,

For Sleeping Beauty, the one they hold dear.

So, my little one, as you close your eyes,

Let dreams of castles in the skies arise.

Of a princess fair, in a slumber's embrace,

And a prince whose love brought forth her grace.

For in dreams and tales, so sweet and grand,

A magical world, forever will stand.

Sleep well, dear child, under the moon's soft gleam,

In the land of dreams, where fairytales teem.

The Story of Sleeping Beauty

bedtime story

Step into the world of dreams and awakenings with Sleeping Beauty, a classic tale of love and curses.

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