Fireplace Interview

Fireplace Interviews with your favorite characters

Interview with Red Riding Hood

Cozy up to the fireplace as we chat with the courageous Little Red Riding Hood about her enchanting adventures in the woods. 🔥📖 #FairyTaleChat 

Interview with Goldilocks

Join us fireside for a delightful conversation with Goldilocks as she shares her charming encounters in the Three Bears' cottage. 🔥📖 #FairyTaleChat 

fireplace Interview with Madeline

Cozy up by the fireplace as Madeline, the spirited adventurer, regales us with tales of her Parisian escapades and daring adventures. 🔥📖 #StorytimeFireside 

Interview with Cinderella

Join us by the fireplace for a chat with Cinderella, the enchanting princess with a story of kindness, magic, and a legendary ball. 🔥📖 #StorytimeFireside 

Interview with Snow White

Cozy up by the fireplace for an enchanting chat with Snow White, the fairest of them all. 🍎✨ #StorytimeFireside 

Interview with Snow Thumbelina

Warm up with a fireside interview featuring Thumbelina, the tiny girl with a big heart. 🌼💫 #StorytimeFireside 

Interview with Rapunzel

Join us by the cozy fireplace for an enchanting interview with Rapunzel, the long-haired beauty with an even longer story to tell. 🏰✨ #StorytimeFireside 

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